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1110 S. Linden Rd #5, Flint, MI 48532

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City Tournament

Doubles Event only

Saturday, April 12th @ 1:00 pm
 Sunday, April 13th @ 1:00 pm

Entries are available at centers
or download here


Change in dates

The 2014 All-Stars

  May 13th  
 Candlelight Lanes in Saginaw

May 15th

Grand Blanc Lanes in Flint

The Flint Senior Association Tournaments
The Flint Senior D&S Tournament
April 21 thru 24
Doubles Tournament
for Hall of Famer members
Note: deadline to enter has been extended to May 17th
No maximum team average

May 18, 2014

Entries are on the

Senior Home Page


Congratulations to Michael Wiser
On the week-end of March 22nd he joined the
50-Year Club at the USBC Open Championship


For those who remember when bloomers were presented to the bowlers who left the 5-7-10:

Jack McTaggart presented these bloomers to
Gerald Puckett when he took over presenting them.....
on the 03/24/14 they were given back to Jack.

(no he hadn't left a 5-7-10)